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Adding Value to Print

We strive to be a superior supplier of value-added products and will increasingly direct our efforts toward serving those segments of the market where customers are willing to pay for exceptional quality, service, and technical assistance.

Guiding Principles

We will conduct our business in a legal, moral, and ethical manner.

We will treat all employees fairly.

All employees will have a chance to develop their skills, abilities, and opportunities for personal and financial reward, within our policies, according to their potential.

We will do our part to protect the environment and to support the communities in which we operate.

We Will Keep Our Commitments

We will provide products of consistent, dependable quality as defined by the needs of our customers.

We will deliver product as promised, completed correctly, and delivered on time, all the time.

We will help our customers solve their problems.

Customer Satisfaction

We will be driven by an obsession for customer satisfaction, and we will gear our entire operation to that end. We will know our customers in depth, we will understand our customers’ needs, and we will dedicate ourselves to fulfilling those needs.